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  • Class A Measuring Pipette

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    Class A Measuring Pipette

    1630A Measuring Pipette, class A, Graduated with zero at top Description: Measuring pipette is a precision fluid measuring instruments. Calibrated to deliver. Graduated in white from the tip of the pipette. With a color-coded band at the top for easy size identification. The pipettes are... Read More

  • Class B Measuring Pipette

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    Class B Measuring Pipette

    1630B Measuring Pipette, class B, Graduated with zero at top Description: Pipettes are manufactured from specially selected heavy-wall machine-drawn borosilicate accurate bore glass tubing. They have precision formed jets and bevel ground ends to resist chipping. The graduation marks are in... Read More

  • Class A Volumetric Pipette

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    Class A Volumetric Pipette

    1633A Volumetric Pipette, with one mark, Class A Description: Pipette is used to accurately gauge a certain volume of the solution. Pipette a quantity type instrument, and it is only used to measure the volume of the discharged solution. There are 10 sizes available: 1ml volumetric pipette class... Read More

  • Class B Volumetric Pipette

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    Class B Volumetric Pipette

    1633B Volumetric Pipette, with one mark, class B Description: Calibrated to deliver at 20° C. Fabricated to meet the requirements for accuracy, appearance, glass quality and calibration line accuracy. Volume accuracies and capacities are permanently marked in amber on each pipette. Pippettes are... Read More

  • Ostwald-folin Transfer Pipette

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    Ostwald-folin Transfer Pipette

    1635B Transfer Pipette, Ostwald-folin graduated one mark Description: This pipette is for liquid transfer. It is with graduation and one mark. It is suitable for scientific research, universities, health care, industrial and mining enterprises and other units of the laboratory as disposable... Read More

  • Milk Test Pipette

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    Milk Test Pipette

    1705. Milk test pipette Product description It is a thin and long glass tube with a bulb in its middle, with a round bottom. You should keep it No liquid residue after using. It is widely used in milk product plant and food industry. Standard milk test pipette, easy to wash and store. Capacity:... Read More

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